Our proven sales strategies are what set us apart from old fashioned public relations or advertising agencies
As we work with your internal sales teams to develop protocols, programs and campaigns that leverage the marketing activities and drive business for our B2B and B2C clientele. We can act as your entire outsourced sales arm, or train your team to best leverage the marketing activities and create proven, measurable sales programs to drive growth, profits and more bonuses for the team.
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When you think of top branding firms
The Eisen Agency is one of the most award winning branding agencies in town – just that we don’t work with consumer products like our big competitors. Our branding work in the professional services industry is both nationally and locally recognized as best in class.
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Delivering customer and client experiences
Developing opportunities for potential clients and customers to experience your brand through sampling, events, promotions and influencer strategies. Word of mouth and referrals are still the best form of advertising, and we create specific opportunities that engage and attract clientele.
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We take a holistic view of public relations
Your image and reputation, proactively and purposefully created and shared to your target audiences, fostering a two way conversation between your organization and a variety of internal and external audiences.
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Groundbreaking, proven marketing planning program
We work to ensure that what you do is aligned with what you say you do, and that culture is lived and practiced throughout the whole of the organization. Beyond the services or products you provide and uncover why your business or organization is uniquely relevant to your clients.
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When you think of advertising
Today’s advertising is a multidimensional and multidisciplinary service, that involves creative design, compelling copy, and research to put it all together and get you the most for your paid media budget.
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Web development is only the beginning of our online expertise
We craft social media engagement strategies, websites, reputation management programs, online advertising campaigns, and content syndication programs that further the brand story, drive leads and create long term followers.
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