We pride ourselves on working with our clients with a roll up our sleeves, get it done right the first time mentality.

Our clients have experienced tremendous success based on our programs, but we understand that choosing a professional firm for the first time can be a little scary, or switching firms can be intimidating – so we want to share all that we can to help you make your most informed choice in hiring a firm. Of course, it all begins with a phone call or email to set up an initial, no cost, no obligation consultation so we may understand your need and discuss how we would work with you to address that need. Here are some of the most common questions:

Do you have experience in our industry?

This is an important question because understanding a specific industry is certainly one of the keys to a successful program and outcome. Our team, collectively has literally 100s of years of experience working in a variety of industry types and you may say we’ve probably seen it all. We have represented everything from housing authorities to UFO hunters. We have successfully worked with political entities, major name retail and restaurant outlets, start up businesses of virtually every kind, and scores of non profit organizations. Our most typical clients, however, fall into the professional services categories: Information Technology (IT), Human Resources (HR), home and garden, retail technology, law firms, healthcare, real estate, financial services, manufacturing and construction.

How much do you charge?

This is the million-dollar question, in some cases literally. That would be the equivalent of going to a home builder and asking them how much a house costs. The honest answer is it depends. There are no “typical” campaigns or programs. We work with clients of all shapes and sizes and no matter the budget, we make absolutely certain we squeeze every drop to maximize that investment. We will work with you initially to discuss and set a budget that is based on realistic numbers designed to achieve what you are wanting to achieve – after all, you probably ‘can’ build a house for $5,000 – but you may not want to live there. Costs for advertising, agency fees, media relations distributions — everything we put together will be clearly spelled out and agreed to in advance, with clear goals, expectations, timelines and investment. And should something come up unexpected, we’ll discuss it with you and get your approvals in advance. We pride ourselves on giving our clients only good surprises. And while we will take on single projects at an hourly rate, our “normal” arrangement is based on a monthly retainer fee based on the agency labor + the cost of any items needed for the client (ie: paid advertising, trade show expenses, wire distributions, printing and so forth).

Can we speak with your clients?

Absolutely. If you’re interested in speaking with a client of ours for reference, we’d be happy to make that connection.

How many people in the agency will work on our account?

This is a great question, but one that also has the “it depends” label on it. Similar to the house building or house remodel analogy, the number of staff depends on the amount and type of work necessary to achieve your goals. We have an incredibly diverse, talented and experienced team of marketing experts able to address any marketing challenge put forth. A proper team of experts would be created and designated to your account and would include as many team members as it takes, but not be bloated or overstaffed – as it’s important that you know, the more people involved, the larger the cost. We believe in lean principles and cross training – meaning members of our team excel at multiple marketing disciplines – ie: the person building your house can use a hammer AND a screwdriver. Each account has at least two members of the agency team.

Do we have to be local to hire you?

No. While we have offices in Greater Cleveland and Greater Cincinnati, we represent clients all over the country and even internationally. And while having a client locally in the ‘burbs of Cleveland or Cincinnati can be convenient for both parties, it’s not necessarily a requirement. Our clients in New York or Los Angeles or Dallas enjoy the ability to have a regular teleconference or video conference, and our SmartSheet technology keeps everyone abreast at all times exactly what is happening with your account and work product. If you want to meet face to face on a regular basis, having a local agency is probably best. If the assignment is heavily local based and event based work, then yes, a local agency is probably the best choice. But, work such as website development, media relations, content development, national advertising, media buying, video and podcast development, social media management, cutting edge design and branding can all be done from literally anywhere nowadays.

What are you best at?

Strangely, we get this question a lot. The absolute truth is that we’re not ‘best’ at anything – no one is. Sort of like asking “What is the best song.” Agencies are made up of people who presumably are talented professionals working hard to serve the clients the best they can. We have an extremely talented, hard working and experienced team. But, so do many other agencies. We believe our work ethic combined with our clever and creative strategies set us apart. Also, we work with clients to better integrate sales with the marketing function so they can more easily experience lift for their business or entity. Most other agencies don’t do that – instead wanting to show you trophies they’ve won. We’d rather show you our clients stock price or sales growth.

What is the process to hire you?

It’s pretty simple. Give us a call or an email and let’s schedule either a call or an initial face to face meeting and discuss what you need. We’ll share our thoughts, get to know you, you get to know us and if you like what you see, we can begin. After that, we’ll lay out the program, timelines, budget and once approved, we start. Simple, just the way we like it. Marketing doesn’t have to be overly complex – it just needs to work. Meetings don’t have to be long or often, the work just needs to get done right. If you’re ready to begin that journey, perhaps we can help you take those first steps.