Roose & Ressler

When you’re a law firm, the last thing on your mind is marketing your practice and generating leads and clients, although that is the lifeblood of any legal practice – no clients, no practice. So, after decades of DIY marketing, the leadership at Lorain County based Social Security Disability law firm Roose & Ressler decided it was time to bring in some outside, professional help. After hiring our team to begin their marketing forensics audit, the marketing issues were quickly identified and an overall marketing health report was provided – the patient was on life support.

The agency provided a comprehensive strategic marketing plan of action (POA) that included a multi-platform, multi-faceted approach of digital marketing, fresh branding that reinforced the local and personal angle for the four location law firm, comprehensive social media strategy, sales and lead generation training and support, and a four tiered influencer marketing campaign. The agency crafted specific influencer messaging, along with general brand awareness through a targeted online digital native advertising campaign. The result is almost an overnight success with every KPI moving up. More social media engagement, more website traffic, and perhaps most importantly, more phone calls/emails and clients. And, the law firm has the comfort in knowing that all the marketing effort is being handled by a single source and single point of contact, as opposed to multiple service providers – saving time and money.

“When we contracted with The Eisen Agency, we saw immediately that they understood not only what needed to be done, but were also sensitive to our long and proud history,” attorney Jon Ressler said. “Most importantly, we are focused on serving the disabled people of our community that need help with their benefits claims, so marketing was always last on our agenda. With The Eisen Agency, we know things are taken care of and we’ll be able to serve more deserving Northern Ohioans.