Spark Something Amazing

When Kuhn Fabricating came to the agency, they had seen our president giving a marketing workshop for the Ohio Small Business Development Center. Their leadership realized they had to make some changes in their marketing communications and business development efforts, and chose The Eisen Agency because of their manufacturing industry marketing expertise. Their marketing, unfortunately, had largely been non existent and relied almost solely on word of mouth and referrals, an increasing challenge in the welding and fabrication business. They had no consistency of brand or narrative, no lead generation programs and were virtually invisible on social media and online. So, the agency rolled up their sleeves and crafted a 12 month marketing campaign complete with a total brand makeover, aggressive lead generation program and direct response.

The agency crafted a new logo suite and tagline “Spark Something Amazing” and split the business into its four core offerings – welding, structural, laser and forming. This allows potential clients to quickly understand the services. The proactive marketing was broken down by industry served instead of by service, quickly showcasing their expertise in a variety of Greater Cleveland industries. The new brand narrative and logo were quickly followed by a fully SEO optimized, mobile ready website complete with videos. A mascot (Sparky the Raccoon) was adopted and aggressive lead generation activities, social media programs and publicity efforts ensued. And, the results have been nothing short of astonishing. Within weeks, their Google rankings had them in the Top 5 of search, direct response leads began pouring in, social media engagements were up in the triple digit percentage increases and new clients began reaching out.