Human Resources

As the leading professional services PR and marketing firm in the United States, we are experts at creating and executing programming that provides our professional services clientele credibility in the marketplace, which we in turn develop into business leads, closings and business development growth.

Far beyond basic media relations and expert position (which The Eisen Agency does better than any other firm, btw), we fully integrate our professional services and HR related expertise throughout the marketing mix to not only establish trust and credibility, but provide exceptional creative programs that drive new leads, foster existing relationships, and further the conversation of our clientele.

Featured Client: Sheakley

human-resources-imageSheakley is one of the largest and most respected brands in the worker’s compensation and human relations industry. Our brand conversation development program enabled us to craft an entirely new look at the leading HR organization and fully integrate the conversation of their multiple internal brands. We provided fully comprehensive integration of the marketing mix beginning with all new creative and brand conversations, followed by new web development, social media, media relations, paid print creative and paid radio creative, and of course, our patented media relations expertise.