Grand opening, comedy club, restaurant, rock band or Broadway show — they all have something in common. Butts.

Butts in seats, that is. Our firm was actually created because of the entertainment industry, and our first client was our founder’s rock and roll band. And, while the client has changed, the concept remains the same — what efforts need to be undertaken to ensure a full house. Not only do we assist with the basics of marketing communications, such as advertising and promotions and social media, but we also work with clientele to assist with secret shoppers, brand development and conversations (right down from how you greet customers to your menu design) and even sales and front of house training.

You see, it does no good to get ‘em in the door if they want to turn right back around. So, our firm offers comprehensive brand, training and proactive marketing to deliver a packed house night after night.

Featured Client: Turning Force

entertainment-imageNot only did we come up with the logo and album art, we also manage local and national media relations, work with radio stations for airplay and promotions, national distributors for coverage and sales, and all the social media one rock band can possibly muster. Airplay, movie and TV soundtracks, and CD sales are a part of why Turning Force is one of the most fun parts of The Eisen Agency.