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Our industry specific expert team works as an expert level marketing “project manager”, putting together all the pieces of the integrated marketing mix — from initial strategy and brand development, to efficient execution and tactical management of a marketing communications project, program or campaign. With our clientele, we collaboratively craft and integrate high level strategic and creative ideas through our up front planning process. We then turn those concepts into reality, empowering our clients to more easily gain market share, increase awareness, generate leads, and thrive as a business or organization.

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Fully Integrated Marketing Communications Services


When you think of top branding firms in Greater Cincinnati

We’re betting that our name wasn’t the first that popped into your head. That’s okay, but the fact is, The Eisen Agency is one of the most award winning branding agencies in town – just that we don’t work with consumer products like our big competitors. Our branding work in the professional services industry is both nationally and locally recognized as best in class. In fact, our firm currently holds the designation from Cincinnati PRSA as having produced the top branding campaign this year – work we did for Cove Federal Credit Union*. So, while we don’t deal in soap or coffee or diapers, and we don’t charge what the big boys do, our methods and our results speak for themselves. That’s why when top manufacturers, law firms, financial, human resources and other professional services firms need expert brand development, they turn to the top firm in town – us.

We take a holistic view of public relations –

It is, literally, the ongoing acts of how best to relate to your varied publics. It is your image, reputation, and proactively and purposefully creating and sharing your brand story to your target audiences, fostering a two way conversation between your organization and a variety of internal and external audiences, all designed to engage these target publics in some desired form of belief or action.

Our flagship offering is our groundbreaking and proven marketing planning program

BOA – Brand Operations Alignment. We work to ensure that what you do is aligned with what you say you do, and that culture is lived and practiced throughout the whole of the organization. We go far beyond the services or products you provide and uncover why your business or organization is uniquely relevant to your target publics. Then, we expertly share that story to the right people, in the right places, all at the right times.

When you think of advertising

Perhaps the TV show Mad Men comes to mind (or if you’re a bit older, do you remember Bewitched), or the [in]famous saying “I know half of my advertising works, I just don’t know which half.” Today’s advertising is a multidimensional and multidisciplinary service, that involves creative design, compelling copy, and research to put it all together and get you the most bang for your paid media buck. From the latest online and digital strategies to the development of old school print, TV and radio spots, our firm expertly delivers advertising campaigns that help our clients succeed.

Web development is only the beginning of our interactive expertise

As there are literally thousands of social media sites and opportunities to engage in cyberspace. Our firm will work with you, collaboratively, to create social media engagement strategies, online and web development tactics, and complete reputation management that fosters the brand story, drives business leads and helps to create long term followers, engagement and brand ambassadors.

Competitive Advantage

Marketing is art + science. It’s like cooking – lots of recipes and things you can do. The challenge is to figure out what marketing strategy and mix of marketing activities will have the best return on both your time and money. That’s where we come in, as your expert “Marketing Mixologists” we put it all together.. Read More

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